Aberdeen - Content-Driven Customer Experiences: Optimize Your Content to Elevate Customer Experience Results

What's Inside?

  • Business value of delivering content that intentionally supports the CX strategy
  • End-to-end content lifecycle alignment with the customer experience strategy
  • Successful tactics revealed from content marketing leaders

ROI of Orchestrating a Seamless Content Strategy

Customer experience has become more than just a buzzword. Companies that truly understand and address the expectations of their current and potential customers achieve far superior results, compared to firms that don’t. And this isn’t just true for firms selling to consumers.

  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) grows nearly 50% higher 
  • Revenue from net-new customers increases by 16.5% year over year
  • Customer loyalty (revenue from referrals) is over 5X higher 
  • Average sales cycles are reduced by nearly 8%, while sales teams see over 2X improvement in quota attainment

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