Crossing the Chaos: Managing Content Marketing Transformation


More and more brands are investing in content marketing. But with the rush to adopt a content strategy, execution is often lacking. This research report by the Aberdeen Group found that startlingly few marketers feel they are effectively producing and tracking their content.

A gap is growing between content marketing leaders and followers. Those with well-prepared content operations are seeing significantly higher lead conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs. While others are still mired in content chaos.

Read this report to learn:

  • The ROI of a well-organized content marketing process
  • Which content tactics leaders are finding most effective
  • Aberdeen Group’s recommendations for managing the transition to content marketing

About Kapost

Kapost’s Marketing Content Engine provides a proven framework for planning, executing, distributing and optimizing the critical content that drives all of marketing. Employing easy-to-use calendaring, collaboration tools, workflows, analytics and the most robust set of integrations, Kapost standardizes and simplifies the management of your B2B content lifecycle – from generating ideas to publishing finalized assets. Kapost provides the tools you need to get the right marketing content done while measuring the impact of every asset, so you don’t waste resources but move buyers forward.