The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook [eBook]


To build integrated, data-driven programs, demand gen marketers need diverse, compelling content at every stage of the buyer's journey. But when content is created across different teams and departments, or is buried in shared drives, it's easy for your programs to become reactive based on whatever content you can scrape up, or create yourself.     

So we wrote a playbook exclusively for you—The B2B Demand Gen Marketing Playbook

Inside, you'll learn specific tactics to:

  • Plan a full-funnel demand gen strategy based on revenue goals
  • Create an integrated approach to demand gen that allows for more visibility and accountability across your team and other content creators
  • Distribute the most strategic content through all your channels
  • Optimize your channels for a truly data-driven marketing operation  

Play smarter, not harder. Download your playbook now. 

About Kapost

Kapost is a B2B marketing operating system that enables marketers to manage the marketing function amid the complexity of the digital age. Kapost aligns your organization's teams, tools and channels, so you can effectively execute, distribute and analyze content across your buyer's journey.