Recruit the Dream Team: The Content Marketing Hiring Handbook


A business is only as good as its people. And in content marketing, that saying couldn’t be more true. You need a rockstar creative team to produce your rockstar digital creative. 

In this guide we walk through:

  • How to build a content team
  • Who to hire first
  • What characteristics to look for in a job candidate
  • Which questions to ask during the interview
  • Various ways to organize or construct your content teams

What you'll get:

  • Job description templates you can use, copy, and paste onto your site / LinkedIn job announcements
  • Exclusive "How-To Hire" interviews from content experts: Ann Handley, Joe Chernov, and Jason Miller
  • Useful diagrams for content team planning

Questions? Shoot us a line: @kapost

About Kapost

Kapost is a B2B marketing operating system that enables marketers to manage the marketing function amid the complexity of the digital age. Kapost aligns your organization's teams, tools, and channels, so you can effectively execute, distribute, and analyze content across your buyer's journey.