Content Operations Summit 2018: The Future of Software

The Kapost Roadmap, Affectionately Titled "Ask Riley Anything"

The Content Operations Summit 2018 gathered marketing leaders to discuss how marketers everywhere can address the crisis of customer experience—namely, with a content operation.

One session featured Riley Gibson, VP of Product, who detailed the vision for not just the Kapost platform but how Kapost will enable content operations in the future.

Watch to hear his answers to the following questions and more:

  • What do marketers need, and how can we make it a reality?
  • How might we better align and inspire teams?
  • Is it possible to inspire a culture of content greatness?
  • Can we help teams craft better experiences, not just content?
  • How might we enable thousands of marketers to speak with a single voice?
  • What can make collaboration joyful?

Thanks to all who joined us. And to those who missed it: check out the blog recap and see you at the Content Operations Summit 2019!

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