Content Operations Summit 2018 Keynote

Closing the Customer Experience Gap

Marketing leaders agree: Customer experience is the primary battleground on which vendors duel to win customer loyalty. But are we as marketers delivering outstanding customer experiences that will win us said customers? Only one in five marketers think so.

The 2018 Content Operations Summit gathered marketing leaders in the same room to discuss how marketers everywhere can address this crisis of customer experience.

The opening keynote from Kapost CEO, Toby Murdock, delves into this and more. He touches on:

  • Why marketers often lack the ability to make content that engages their customers
  • The foundations of a robust content operation
  • What success within a content operation looks like—on both a team- and company-wide basis

Thanks to all who joined us, and to those who missed it: check out the blog recap, and see you at the 2019 Content Operations Summit!

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