Create Smarter Content with a Content Pillar

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Webinar Highlights

  • Get the most out of the content you create
  • Fuel your digital marketing channels with a consistent, powerful message
  • Drive effectiveness and engagement at every stage of the funnel

Support Your Content Operation with Content Pillars

Want to make the most of your content and unify your marketing message while consistently driving full-funnel effectiveness and engagement? Learn how with the content pillar approach.

A 2015 study from Content Marketing Institute revealed only 37% of marketers think all of the content they create is actually effective. Utilizing the content pillar approach is a smart way to ensure all created and distributed content is seamlessly optimized for engagement at all stages of the funnel and aligns with organizational priorities.

In this webinar, Kapost's Director of Digital Marketing and Content Operations, Paralee Walls, uses real-life examples and results of content pillars to discuss how this approach will support your content operation.

Your Hosts

Paralee Walls

Director of Digital Marketing and Content Operations at Kapost

An educator at heart, Paralee is dedicated to building a marketing operation that matters. That means designing digital experiences for every customer that engage, delight, and inform with the right content at right time. She is a guest lecturer for the Digital Creative Institute and General Assembly and contributor to Forbes, CMI, and Kapost's own Marketeer.

Laura Schwecherl

Former Content Marketing Manager

Laura Schwecherl was a Content Marketing Manager at Kapost, where she wrote engaging and informative content for fellow marketers. When not at her desk, she's either trail running, hiking, or eating tacos.

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