Getting Global Marketing Teams to Work as One

How Hatch Scaled a Global Content Operation

During her Marketo Summit 2016 session, Becky Bradberry, Global Digital Systems Architect and Project Manager at HACH, spoke about the key marketing strategies for internal alignment and global impact.

Did a global content operation really have a business impact and streamline execution? Aligning content, people, and processes allowed Hach's marketing organization to:

  • Increase US revenue from leads by 95%
  • Execute 26 initiatives per month
  • Create ~500 pieces of content per month
  • Lift email production by 9x
  • Boast a 93% on-time delivery rate
  • Sustain the 2x lead conversion rates attained in 2014

Your Speaker:

Becky Bradberry
Global Digital Systems Architect and Project Manager, HACH

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