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Measuring the ROI of Content Marketing Operations

With Kapost, Our Customers Have Seen:

  • A 512% increase in marketing qualified leads
  • A 6x increase in revenue
  • A $205,000 savings in team costs

Content Needs to Be High Value, Not High Cost

Gleanster Research and Kapost surveyed 3,408 B2B marketers to find out the true cost of marketing inefficiency in B2B companies and to learn how the most effective teams manage content planning, execution, distribution, and optimization.

The results revealed that B2B firms in the U.S. alone spend over $5.2 billion a year on the content creation process. This accounts for quantifiable content marketing investments in internal resources, agencies, technology platforms, and content production. But a lack of processes bloats bottom-line costs, leading to an estimated loss of $958 million each year due to inefficient and ineffective content marketing spend.

Companies invested in streamlining processes to increase marketing efficiency produce twice as much content as the average organization, and they do it 163% faster with the same average volume of resources contributing to content production.

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