Your Guide to Being a Master of the eBook

Masters of the eBook

What's Inside?

  • Examples of each critical eBook component to guide you
  • Best practices for eBook creation, design, and promotion
  • How to create iconography, data illustration, and more

A Compilation of the Best Marketing eBooks Ever Created

It's a fact: B2B buyers want long form content. They need high value assets to educate themselves on your offering.

Enter the eBook.

Of course, it's not enough to just stuff content into the shape of an eBook. Fortunately, you're not going where no marketer has gone before—and we've documented the best of the best eBooks for your reference.

This download includes exclusive interviews and examples of:
  • Table of contents (Frank Barry, Blackbaud)
  • Iconography (Neil Patel, Quick Sprout)
  • Promotion (Brad Feld, Foundry Group)
  • Sidebars (Kyle Lacy, Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud)
  • Psychographic Targeting (Doug Kessler, Velocity Partners)
  • Data Illustration (Nate Purpura, eHealth)
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