The Multi-Channel Content Distribution
Guide [Template]

Learn how to streamline your digital content distribution efforts with the "content pillar" approach.

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Marketers are struggling to streamline distribution efforts across all of their digital channels. As a result, up to 70% of their content goes unused.

This template is your step-by-step guide to multi-channel distribution with the "content pillar" approach. In it, you'll learn how to:

  • Align and optimize your distribution efforts
  • Deliver the right content at every stage of the buying cycle
  • Drive conversions from your target audience

Ready to deliver a high quantity of high-quality content? Let’s plan your content pillar.

About Kapost

Kapost™ helps enterprise brands grow revenue with content. Our content marketing software simplifies the creation, distribution, and analysis of content across a range of channels. Marketing teams of all sizes can collaborate on content, manage assets in one platform, organize campaigns, and establish a process-driven operation. Hundreds of brands - including Lenovo, AT&T, and VMware - use Kapost to scale their content operation, so they can focus on serving customers and growing their business.