Content Marketing Experts On Generating Content Ideas

Hear from Content Marketing Experts on Content Ideation

At no point should content planning or creation feel like you're simply churning out an asset for the sake of fulfilling a publishing quota. The only true measure of content success is its impact, not quantity.

Marketing leaders from B2B organizations like Accelent Consulting, DocuSign, and more weigh in on how they ensure content ideas fit within the strategic purpose of the broader content operation. Some of the insights:

"I think people overthink it—there are so many opportunities to generate ideas for content. You can first of all, find content that you have internally within your organization that people rely on, and odds are, there's an audience publically for that. So, take what's already working in your organization, and maybe you want to generalize it a bit and make that public." —Joe Chernov, Kinvey

"There's a big difference between hearing and listening. If you really listen and understand the pain points of your customers nad prospects, you'll be able to build an editorial calendar." —Rob Yoegel, Monetate 

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