Kapost 50 Webinar Series Featuring Rockwell Automation


Webinar Details

DURATION: 15 Minutes

Powerful B2B marketing strategies —the kind that generate real business results – start with a vision. And Rockwell Automation proves it.

Enter the Internal Communications team at Rockwell Automation, and The Connected Enterprise campaign.

The Connected Enterprise is a global focus at Rockwell Automation. Every employee should understand and support the company’s vision for interconnectivity between industrial and information technologies, and how what they do every day supports the future of the company’s products and services.

But different functions—including sales, marketing, account management, and product teams—had different visions of what The Connected Enterprise meant, and that led to a lack of internal alignment, disjointed messaging, and ultimately, confusion from our customers about what we were doing, and why it mattered to them.

Realizing that a consistent customer experience must first start with alignment within the company, the Internal Communications team at Rockwell Automation launched a content-driven, multi-channel campaign—with incredible results.

In this 15-minute webinar, Tressa Knutson Bruggink, director, Internal Communications and Engagement, and Anthony Jones, manager, Internal Digital Communications, share how to:

  • Define a content strategy to inform, empower, and align internal teams around a consistent message
  • Build a multi-channel approach to deliver information effectively
  • Implement timeliness and personalization to maximize engagement

Ready to deliver the best customer experience to your audience? Start today. 

Your Hosts

Tressa Knutson Bruggink, director, Internal Communications and Engagement, Rockwell Automation

Tressa Knutson Bruggink has spent her career in marketing and communications in B2B, proudly working for Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information.

In her current role, Tressa leads the global Internal Communications team, a team that creates and delivers communications that are meaningful to employees. “Call it aligned, strategic or integrated, but if they don’t mean something, we’re not doing it right,” she says, “When our employees spend significant time serving our customers, partners, and each other every day, it’s my job to help make that the best employee experience possible. All it takes is a vision for our culture, the connection to our customers, a passion for communication, and applying modern marketing techniques...and a great team.”

Anthony Jones, manager, Internal Digital Communications, Rockwell Automation

Anthony Jones says he’s a communicator, modern marketer, storyteller and content strategist. Like his manager, Tressa, he’s spent his career in B2B marketing and communications, working at Rockwell Automation.

In his current role, Anthony is responsible for delivering impactful digital communications that are strategic, integrated, and creative. He, too, cares about the employees' experience and says his passion is in getting an entire organization to be informed, inspired, and engaged.

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