Shedding Light on B2B Marketing Darkness [Webinar]


Webinar Details

Our latest eBook, Thriving in the Dark Ages of Content Marketing, dives head-first into the biggest challenges content marketers face—and how we can combat them. Inside, Barry Feldman interviews top leaders in the B2B marketing industry, who provide insight into how we can get "out of the dark" and scale our operations and efforts.

Because the eBook was such a hit, we want to dive even deeper into these topics. 

In this exclusive, round-table style webinar, Barry Feldman sits down with Scott Abel and Michael Brenner—two of the marketing rockstars featured in the eBook—to discuss content marketing leadership, measuring ROI, planning personas, aligning across teams, and more. 

With some of the best and brightest leaders in marketing, you don't want to miss hearing how we can shed light on the top B2B marketing issues we all face! 

Your Panel

Barry Feldman

Barry Feldman

Barry Feldman provides content marketing consulting, copywriting, and creative direction services. He co-authored the ultimate guide to personal branding, The Road to Recognition, writes for the web’s top marketing sites, and was named one of 25 Social Media Marketing Experts You Need to Know by LinkedIn. 


Scott Abel

Scott Abel

Scott Abel runs The Content Wrangler, lectures at UC Berkeley, and organizes the annual Information Develop World Event. He also co-produced The Language of Content Strategy.


Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner co-authored The Content Formula. He is the CEO of Marketing Insider Group, co-founded the popular site Business2Community, and directed strategy at NewsCred and SAP. 


Your Host

Dan Fogarty, Demand Generation Manager, Kapost


Dan is a Demand Generation Manager at Kapost, where he is focused on strategy, funnel health, and the experience across our digital touch points. He's particularly interested in the needs of marketers, as they take on digital transformation and customer experience.


About Kapost

Kapost is a B2B marketing operating system that enables marketers to manage the marketing function amid the complexity of the digital age. Kapost aligns your organization's teams, tools and channels, so you can effectively execute, distribute and analyze content across your buyer's journey.