Simple Style Guide Template

What's Inside?

  • A short blurb about your company’s mission or tagline
  • Your company’s dictionary of choice
  • Notes on voice and tone
  • A list of your company’s preferred words
  • A brief section on a few grammar trouble spots (“which” vs. “that,” how to use a semicolon, etc.

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Content is at the center of modern marketing. But with multiple contributors across organizations producing more content than ever before, consistency and style can suffer. Nothing is worse for a positive customer experience than inconsistent messaging.

Get your content team—and everyone else who writes for your organization—on the same page. We know starting from scratch can be intimidating, so we've created this editable, customizable Word Document. Tweak it based on your marketing needs.

This simple template will help you create a straightforward, clear corporate style guide. Download your copy to get started.

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