The Business Value of Content Marketing

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Webinar Highlights

  • The need for content transformation
  • How people, processes, and technology all contribute to the digital transformation
  • The business benefits and ROI experienced by the FedEx team

Know Why—and How—to Transform Your Content Operation

Drew Bailey, Marketing Principal at FedEx, joined us to dive deep into the story of how he led FedEx's marketing team from content chaos to kingdom. He explains why people, process, and technology are the secret to digital transformation—and major ROI.

Your Hosts

Drew Bailey

Marketing Principal at FedEx Services

Andrew (Drew) Bailey is currently responsible for helping to enable a content strategy, practice, and discipline for the FedEx enterprise as a manager within the Customer Engagement Marketing organization. In his prior role he managed the digital/email platform and under his leadership, FedEx completed a global integration of all its email operations allowing for better targeted, relevant campaigns with the allowance for true segmentation, testing, and customer scoring; an effort that earned him the coveted FedEx Five Star award.

Paralee Walls

Director of Digital Marketing and Content Operations at Kapost

An educator at heart, Paralee is dedicated to building a marketing operation that matters. That means designing digital experiences for every customer that engage, delight, and inform with the right content at right time. She is a guest lecturer for the Digital Creative Institute and General Assembly and contributor to Forbes, CMI, and Kapost's own Marketeer.

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