Marketing’s $958 Million Problem: Quantifying the Cost of Inefficient Content Processes


Poorly managed and cumbersome content processes are more than inconveniences—they drain marketing resources. 

Gleanster Research, in collaboration with Kapost, surveyed 3,408 marketers to find out how much marketing inefficiency costs businesses, and to gauge the impact of establishing streamlined processes for planning, executing, distributing, and optimizing content.

The results were staggering. 

  • Midsize to large B2B organizations waste an estimated $958 million each year in inefficient and ineffective content marketing spend
  • The top three areas where marketers are the least efficient: meeting task deadlines (92%), redundant content creation (90%), and coordinating the people contributing to content (81%)

  • Efficiency experts produce 2x as much content as the average organization, and they do it 163% faster with the same average volume of resources

  • The most efficient operations are 7x more likely to invest in technology to help the streamline their content processes

Download the full report to find out exactly how much marketing inefficiency costs your bottom line, and to learn what steps you need to take to overcome your content marketing challenges, maximize your resources, and streamline your marketing team's efforts.

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