The Future of Marketing: Five Megatrends of 2018

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5 Megatrends

  1. The future of marketing is contextual
  2. Purpose is the heart of marketing
  3. The future of public relations is participatory
  4. Marketing automation 2.0: how to see past the walls of your MAP
  5. Chatbots are here to stay

We Asked the Experts

There are a million must-do trends floating out there. How do you know which ones will make the most impact for your organization? Ask the experts.

Mathew Sweezey, Principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce, is a household name among marketing professionals and is forever at the forefront of identifying—and educating the rest of us on—the top trends and strategies in marketing.

His annual report, The Future of Marketing in 2018, went viral on LinkedIn, and Kapost hosted him for an exclusive webinar to dive into his report.

Your Hosts

Matthew Sweezey

Principal of Marketing Insights at Salesforce

A consummate writer, he has been featured in numerous publications such as Marketing Automation Times, DemandGen Report, Marketing Sherpa, ZDNet, and is the author of Marketing Automation for Dummies (published by Wiley February 2014). Mathew speaks around the world at events such as Conversion Conference, Dreamforce, SugarCon, and to companies including Microsoft, Investec, NetJets, and

Paralee Walls

Director of Digital Marketing and Content Operations at Kapost

An educator at heart, Paralee is dedicated to building a marketing operation that matters. That means designing digital experiences for every customer that engage, delight, and inform with the right content at right time. She is a guest lecturer for the Digital Creative Institute and General Assembly and contributor to Forbes, CMI, and Kapost's own Marketeer.

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