Your Guide to Building an Internal Content Repository


Your team works so hard to produce effective works of content. But sometimes - often, actually - internal stakeholders like sales can't find it. They may not even know it exists.

Where's that whitepaper? Do we have a blog post on this? Which prospects should see that video?

Your Guide to Building an Internal Content Repository explains how to build a content gallery and share your marketing masterpieces with the people who need it most. Read this eBook to discover:

  • How to eliminate content chaos with a single, shared content repository
  • How to ensure your content is ART: Accessible, Relevant, and Trackable
  • The essential steps required to build a highly effective content repository

Delivering the right content at the right time is just as critical as creating quality content. Grab this and tackle the challenge.

About Kapost

Kapost is a B2B marketing operating system that enables marketers to manage the marketing function amid the complexity of the digital age. Kapost aligns your organization's teams, tools, and channels, so you can effectively execute, distribute, and analyze content across your buyer's journey.